In chic24 you discover the charm of bygone times. Mediterranean Vintage furniture, industrial design lamps and home accessories as from the life of our grandparents, who had a wonderful time with it. In Mediterranean or in the old English country house style. A personal living environment can not generate system furniture from the pole, but arises from the interplay of style and safety highly individual and unique pieces. Stage your home yourself, it makes one hand, a lot of fun, but is also quite challenging - to because it's not always easy to be your own interior designer. But who is looking for inspiration for this task, is in good hands with chic24. Therefore presented chic24 in his online shop guarantee a stylish and exciting product range in the areas of housing, food, bath, sleep and garden. What counts for us is the essence, the design and craftsmanship of each piece.
Vintage furniture from Nordal newly in vogue, an interior design to the old to connect with the new. Risking a look and you will rediscover the magic of the old. Tables, chairs or benches in vintage style is to hold a kind of ancient traditions. Old furniture or mirrors and lamps, but still make it look new, which is an art truly master the few manufacturers. But for the producer Nordal furniture that is practical for several years and continues to gain popularity. Nordal offers except furniture also great lamps in the industrial style to match the vintage furniture.

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