Concrete on roll design

XSTONE wallpapers in 3D optics made of real stone from the roll, whether concrete wallpaper, sandstone wallpaper, travertine wallpaper, rust wallpaper or slate wallpaper. The motifs and materials of our stone wallpapers are unusual and are designed to inspire you to break new ground in the design of your home. The high-quality, luxurious and timeless wallpaper collection from the renowned manufacturer XSTONE have now become a permanent fixture in the upscale segment and create trends in the living area - Made in Germany. Stone wallpaper from XSTONE is a mineral stone composite that feels like real through the use of natural rock flour and above all also looks deceptively real. And not a printed decor. Concrete wallpaper from XSTONE also offer excellent usage properties, they are not only an absolute highlight in terms of design, but also sound-absorbing and heat-insulating. Luxurious stone wallpaper, which combines the unmistakable style of classical tradition and innovative interpretations. Classic surfaces meet ultra-modern look, and timeless color schemes. Precious materials and the highest attention to detail complete the unmistakable aesthetics of these stone wallpapers which become a total work of art for the walls and thus any ambience, whether stylish or modern, glamorously refine. The wallpaper collection of XSTONE are free of dyes, ecologically safe and environmentally friendly.
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