Mediterranean dream home - furniture in country style,
a wide variety of Mediterranean country style in a variety of materials such as by Nordal and Trademark Living. Unfortunately, it is in most cases so that you can all too often can not go to the Mediterranean. This raises the question of how to "import" this life can be. All our Mediterranean furniture and home accessories are made ??of solid wood, antique silver, old brass metal, glass or fabric. Living materials and some are justifiable from recycled materials such as wood, the biological and the other to tell a story. Looking for honest design in an original, working methods and forms of the past are accepted and merge them into a new application with a modern, timeless character. Furniture from manufacturers such as Nordal and Trademark Living in Denmark, Van Roon and other quality manufacturers. In noble quality and attention to detail. Nostalgic tables shabby style, antique Mediterranean Chairs, Upholstered furniture in vintage style, armchairs and sofas in the Mediterranean in used look and the Shabby Look for interior and exterior areas of Nordal and Trademark Living. chic24 presents the Online Store and Outlet at a beautiful selection of timeless classics. The tradition remains true to chic24 and is exalted above all long-term trend.
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