Cooking is an art, and a custom kitchen like the taste of the user. French country kitchens and modular hobs from Boretti can easily be tailored to the needs of the cook or the cook. The Domino gas hob, suitable for natural gas or propane, can be used kitchen also great for French country kitchen or outdoor. But not only the technology, the quality must be right! A French country house kitchens in solid wood and a Domino gas hob of Boretti convinced with the high-quality workmanship in execution such as stainless steel or glass ceramic / stainless steel. The solid construction of materials such as solid wood in the furniture and stainless steel in combination with cast iron is made ??for a long life. The Asian food sources is excellent by Domino Hobs module of Boretti by the Wokkochfeld or wok burner. For touching the lava stone grill grill atmosphere with real lava rock provides. To achieve perfect appearance at the furniture are authentic handles and hinges, and the perfect handling, the module hobs Boretti all autonomous hobs and can be controlled individually with the control buttons. Since succeed each dish.