Nostalgic quality faucets brushed boretti in Old Brass, Chrome and Chrome for your bathroom and your kitchen, and as a mixer 2 hole faucet. You want to set special accents in your bathroom or kitchen? Are you looking for an eye catcher, which, in addition to the appearance, but also with its function? You will appreciate the nostalgic flair that blends harmoniously with the modern components of the interior? Nostalgic Old fittings in brass, in chrome or brushed chrome of boretti, bring back those urban comfort, which is estimated in stressful times like this. Especially in the bathroom and kitchen is the comfort factor is crucial. This nostalgic faucets are available in chrome and brushed chrome, made ??possible by the loving hand. No work off the assembly line! But nostalgic fittings of boretti must also meet today's functional demands. Available as a mixer and 2 hole mixer, not only the professional, but also the home improvement is the quality of the workmanship and 2 hole single lever mixer tap - appreciate models.